Sponsor A Bhog!

As always, there is an opportunity to sponsor bhog OR sponsor a bhog and prasad during the puja days. Please speak to one of our members at the desk with your Name(s) and Gotra.

The following are the cost per family:

Puja Days Morning (Bhog) Evening (Bhog) Bhog and Prasad
Maha Shasti Bhog £100
Maha Saptami Bhog £100 £100 £300
Maha Ashtami Bhog £150 £150 £400
Sandhipuja Bhog £150
Maha Nabami Bhog £150 £150 £400
Kali Puja Bhog £150
Laxmi Puja Bhog £100
Saraswati Puja Bhog £100

Note: Sponsorship for Bhog and Prasad is for the whole day.