A quarter of a century ago, the first Durga Puja was held in the Leeds Hindu temple with an active participation of eight enthusiastic families. I would like to thank those families who have worked hard over the years for keeping our culture and traditions alive. During the past few years, celebration of Durga Puja in Leeds has brought us an enormous joy and a sense of togetherness. I would like to congratulate all our members and volunteers, who have shown a great unity and worked relentlessly to make this Puja an enjoyable event for all.

Durga Puja means more to us than just a religious festival - it is a celebration of our culture and traditions. It is a time for family reunion. This festival gives our children an ideal opportunity to know their own cultural heritage. I extend my sincere gratitude to all our sponsors for their kind support and generous help. I request you all to continue your support in the future. Let us all come together and celebrate the arrival of Ma Durga with Great Spirit and Unity.

Dr. Sikha Saha